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Lethal White Overo Information and Helpful Links      

We have provided some helpful links for those of you who want to learn about this gene.  

Bearly A Diamond does carry the lethal white overo gene, which is also responsible for his beautiful coat pattern ,and the pattern of some of his get. When he is crossed with another carrier of the gene, there is a 25% chance they will produce a lethal white. It is important to know that this is NOT a disease or defect. It is a color gene that only produces color when by itself. Only if Sire and Dam both have the gene, and BOTH pass on the gene does it result in a Lethal White Foal.

Skippers Duplicate has been tested for lethal white and is ve. Even with his belly spot, he is safe to breed to any pattern mare, without worry of a lethal white foal.  

We feel that it is an individual choice and want to provide you with the best information available. Please visit the following links and if you have further questions or concerns, contact us anytime!

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